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Symantec Sees 516% Increase In Deal Registration Size With Elastic Digital

Companies such as Symantec rely extensively on their partners to not only generate brand awareness, but also acquire a base of loyal and highly engaged customers. To build a strong customer base, however, partners must have the marketing savvy to drive engagement, conduct meaningful conversations and drive conversions. But according to internal research conducted by […]

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Invoca Increases Revenue By 650% With Bandwidth Integration

Bandwidth, an Internet and telephone service provider, announced that it has partnered with Invoca to enhance Invoca’s back-end call marketing automation software. The partnership was established to help improve Invoca’s API call marketing efficiency and user interface, while also supporting real-time optimizations that will provide call marketing to its current and future customers. Since offering […]

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Digimind Social Helps Businesses Track, Respond To Social Feedback

The Problem: Consumers produce, on average, 4.5 billion Facebook “likes,” 400 million tweets and 5 billion Google searches a day. This equates to a staggering amount of potentially powerful data on a brand or company. However, this variety and velocity of data is overall very difficult to rack, analyze and leverage to improve business results.  […]

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LiveHive Offers Detailed Analytics With New Engagement Platform

LiveHive, a sales engagement solution provider for channel players, has launched a new cross-platform solution that provides analytical insights into the relationships between vendors, partners and end-customers.  The new solution is designed to power up social selling across the channel ecosystem, enabling users to identify sales engagement patterns on social networks such as Google+ and […]

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LiveHive Helps Boost Partner Enablement, Channel-Wide Communication

The Problem: Channel sales leaders and their partners rely on consistent communication to ensure sales and marketing success. However, the more a company grows, the harder it is to manually keep track of channel partners and provide them with relevant content. This leads to missing sales information and dissatisfied partners, resulting in poor sales results […]

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Pathable Enhances Engagement, Follow-Up For In-Person Events

The Problem: Vendors and partners rely on conferences, summits and other events to build relationships, collect feedback and, of course, generate opportunities and leads. However, it is sometimes a challenge for executives to follow-up with new connections in a timely, efficient manner, while delivering the information needed to further the relationship. The Solution: The Pathable event experience […]

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ForeScout Offers New ControlFabric Technology Partner Program

ForeScout Technologies, a network security solutions provider, has unveiled the new ControlFabric Technology Partner Program, which aims to urge developers, system integrators and customers to integrate CounterACT with other security and management systems. The new program allows ForeScout to better collaborate with hardware and software vendors, and in turn, find ways ForeScout CounterACT can help […]

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Dialog Edition From Marketo Aims To Ramp Up Email Personalization Efforts

The Problem: While email continues to be one of the most frequently used tools for businesses to engage with customers, marketers have fell into a routine that leaves email marketing campaigns repetitive and monotonous. And although email and analytics services providers help improve click-throughs, customer personalization is often inadequate or nonexistent. The Solution: Marketo will […]

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Influitive Unveils New B2B Referral Solution

  Influitive announced the launch of Influitive Referrals, a B2B referral solution designed to help marketers generate more sales-ready leads from customers and partners. Influitive Referrals, which is integrated with Salesforce and LinkedIn, can suggest potential referral names from your advocate’s social networks.  Within the company’s AdvocateHub marketing platform, Influitive Referrals addresses some of the common […]

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